What Are the Best Vitamins for the Brain?

In today’s overscheduled, on-the-go, often stressful day-to-day life, more and more people are beginning to do their own research about the best brain supplements available. For those challenged by depression, stress, hormonal changes, anxiety, dehydration, or nutrient deficits, vitamins can be one solution to the question of how to stop being tired.

In fact, research shows that many causes of these challenges tend to come in pairs, trios or more. For example, stress often leads to lack of sleep, or depression which can also lead to a lack of daily energy, brain fog and mental alertness. This article provides some tips for selecting the best vitamins for the brain, however, you should always consult a doctor if you have serious underlying health conditions.

Why Brain Health Matters

Your brain health really matters, especially in a world where we often find ourselves feeling overstretched and overworked in an overly busy culture. You may be short-changing your health and wellness in favor of other priorities. But we must keep in mind that by not taking care of our physical body and mental health, we’re risking a reduced ability to focus properly and function at our full cognitive potential. At this rate, we might even be setting ourselves up for future health issues.

So, if you truly believe that the health of your brain matters, it’s best to make choices that support that, including fortifying your lifestyle with vitamins for the brain, natural sleep aids, eating healthier and figuring out how to boost energy when tired. The payoff includes better focus and cognition, improved mood, and feeling more energized daily.

This leads to the question: what brain vitamins are good for improving your memory, brain health, and overall cognition? Studies have shown that certain supplements can aid in brain health over an extended time, and other studies have shown that they are much more effective when taken with other interventions such as dietary changes and physical exercise. Our take is that while they work on their own, it is always more beneficial to live a healthy, active, and restful lifestyle while using natural vitamin b12 supplements to help aid your general wellness.

Understanding Cognitive Function

The brain and nervous system are responsible for many important cognitive functions such as attention, memory, ability to process information and executive functions. That’s why it is recommended to implement a variety of other dietary and lifestyle factors that may contribute to supporting brain health and function.

As a result, evidence has shown that having an insufficient amount of certain nutrients can result in reduced cognitive function. So if you’re constantly wondering how to stop feeling sleepy, and how to stop being tired, we recommend meeting the requirements of a nutritious diet and determining which vitamins are good for the brain.

Supporting Brain Health with a Nutritious Lifestyle 

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to support your brain is by providing your body with the right nutrients and antioxidants in appropriate amounts. You can do this by staying hydrated, eating more vegetables, exercising, taking care of your mental health and of course – taking natural supplements. Eating healthy foods is extremely essential to your mental well-being, and it’s no secret that good nutrition is important for maintaining a healthy body and having a sharp mind as we age.

To give our brains the proper fuel to function at optimum levels, we need to take care of ourselves. Here are some of the best vitamins and herbs that can help aid in cognitive function.

Five Popular Vitamins for the Brain
  1. B Vitamins: B vitamins such as B1, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B12 all play a role in brain health. 
    • B1 helps our normal brain and nervous system function and has been known to play an important role in mental health. 
    • B3 is an antioxidant that is important for DNA repair, nervous system health and synthesizing serotonin, which aids in calmness.
    • B5 deals with our enzyme function, energy production and function of healthy brain cells.
    • B6 is key in brain function, metabolising, synthesising neurotransmitters, and helps aid in mood regulation. 
    • B7 helps to maintain an overall healthy nervous system and is critical for converting food to energy and protecting our immune system.  
    • B12 is structurally the most complex and largest vitamin, and it is essential for our brains. This is because every cell in our body is dependent on vitamin B12 for metabolism and B12 is what creates the energy for neurons to communicate properly in our brains. It also helps to regulate mood. 
  2. Vitamin E protects against cognitive decline and memory loss and supports the immune system. Research indicates Vitamin E shows potential in reducing the risk of developing diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. L-Theanine helps ease anxiety and stress and reduces insomnia all while improving mental function. 
  4. Ubiquinol is a strong antioxidant and immunity booster that helps to protect and stabilize brain cell membranes, with the potential to improve brain function.
  5. Combos: Typically, vitamins for the brain are not sold as single ingredients because having a combination of them can work well together. That’s why it is advised that you do your research and consult professionals to know which supplements work well together and are the best for you.  
Five Popular Herbs for Brain Health
  1. Ginkgo Bilobo is a commonly taken remedy well known for helping improve cognitive functions by stimulating circulation and blood flow to the brain, and acts as an antioxidant. Studies have shown that it can improve memory and cognitive speed.
  2. Ashwagandha Supplements come from a herb that has been found to benefit the brain by reducing oxidative stress. It is often used to help calm the brain and resist physical and mental stress.
  3. Lemon Balm is part of the mint family and has been known to decrease stress, reduce anxiety, enhance sleep and calm the mind. It is extremely nutritive to the nervous system as well, which can increase cognitive speed and increase alertness. 
  4. Peppermint also produces amazing calming effects that will help ease anxiety symptoms. It can boost your mental energy and improve focus, mental alertness and clear thinking. On top of that, it has been known to uplift your mood, alleviate headaches and refresh your brain. 
  5. Ginger root helps optimize the brain by restoring the neurotransmitters responsible for mind balance and happy feelings, while protecting the brain from harmful toxins. It helps to improve overall brain function. 

Boosting your brainpower using herbs and superfoods has many positive benefits to the brain. But keep in mind that having a nutritious diet, getting adequate sleep, and striving for an emotional sense of balance should still apply. Exercise is also important as well, as it helps the physical body, as much as the mental aspects. By finding ways to implement healthy herbs, spices, and superfoods, you can find yourself with sharpened thinking, improved memory, and boosted focus. 

So, if you feel like your brain can use a little help, make sure to give it some support with vitamins, nutraceuticals, and herbal extracts! Best of all, many of them work well when combined. Just remember that there is no magic cure, and these healthy changes to your life need time to show results. 

Key Takeaway

If you truly want to take care of your present and future mental function, you’ll want to be sure you’re taking the best vitamins for the brain out there. Since your brain directs the activities of the rest of your body, it’s super important to pay attention to what your brain needs and start now. Make sure you get the right nutrition, stay hydrated, limit unhealthy habits, exercise and take the right vitamins and supplements so that your brain can recover and function at the perfect levels. So start improving your focus, clarity, mood, and rest now.

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