The Faster, Better Way to Supplement with Oral Sprays

Supplements abound on the shelves of grocery and health stores, and maybe even in the cabinets of our own homes. They’re filled with a variety of powders, pills and beverages that promise to make us feel better. While many of these supplements can work to support a healthier lifestyle, many of them are just too inconvenient for most busy people to use consistently. Consider these facts:

  • 40% of Americans have trouble swallowing pills and capsules.
  • Pills and capsules often contain binders and fillers that make them difficult and time-consuming to absorb.
  • Pills do not offer the flexibility to customize dosage if you need a little more or a little less. While slicing and dicing of medications is a very common way to try to get a more accurate dose, pills cannot be safely cut in half without losing effectiveness when exposed to air and light. 
  • Gummies are typically high calorie, high in sugar, and use animal gelatin, which means they aren’t suitable for vegetarians.
  • Powders are messy and time consuming to prepare.
  • Beverages are bulky, need refrigeration, and lose effectiveness if you try to store a partially consumed, open bottle.. 

Why Spray?

Oral spray supplements address the issues presented by traditional supplements and are poised to revolutionize the health and wellness industry! 

Why Spray infographic

Although oral absorption has been used in the healthcare industry for decades, the Molecular Spray System used in Can-i Wellness oral sprays provides a newer, cutting-edge technology. The system consists of a microliter pump that administers potent nutritional sprays inside your cheek or under your tongue. 

With this approach, natural nutrients are transferred directly into the bloodstream through the capillaries in your mouth’s absorbent inner lining, skipping the gastrointestinal tract and avoiding all of the binders and fillers found in capsules, pills and gummies that inhibit absorption of vitamins. 

Can-i Wellness oral spray supplements contain dozens of vitamins and whole food extracts in four products to help with energy, liver support, relaxation, and better sleep. They also contain an abundance of natural ingredients that work to support our immunity and overall health and wellness. Let’s explore the benefits of oral sprays and the advantages of oral absorption. 

Key Advantages of Oral Absorption

Fast Acting – Can-i Wellness oral sprays work 3-6 times faster than pills and gummies, allowing you to feel results in minutes, not hours. Oral sprays contain nano-emulsified ingredients, which means that unlike a typical liquid, the ingredients are already broken down. When the spray is administered in the mouth, the active ingredients are absorbed through the capillaries in the absorbent lining of the mouth and transferred directly to the bloodstream. In contrast, pills, capsules, gummies and beverages need to travel through the gastrointestinal tract, which takes a long time. 


Effective – Some pills and capsules that contain particularly hard-to-digest binders and fillers may be so difficult to digest that they exit your system before your body has time to absorb any of its nutrients! Even when pills and capsules are digested by the body, you’re typically only absorbing 10% of the active ingredients. For example, to get 1 mg of melatonin, you would need 1 standard oral spray serving. However, you would need 9 gummies to absorb the same amount. 

Oral sprays have a 9 times better absorption rate than pills and gummies. Since they are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth, the product is highly effective and rapidly absorbed. Oral sprays are ideal for those dealing with digestive disorders that can prevent or hinder nutrient absorption. And, because they don’t require digestion, oral sprays are the naturally gut-friendly way to supplement. 

Oral sprays have a 9 times better absorption rate than pills and gummies. Since they are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth, the product is highly effective and rapidly absorbed. Oral sprays are ideal for those dealing with digestive disorders that can prevent or hinder nutrient absorption. And, because they don’t require digestion, oral sprays are the naturally gut-friendly way to supplement. 

Oral sprays taste great and are easy to consume without discomfort. They even cut down on the risk of germs and contamination that are inevitable when you handle pills and capsules with your hands. As stated earlier, an estimated 40% of American adults do not swallow pills, making oral sprays so much easier to use. As well, they’re compact and portable.

Flexible, Accurate Dosing – With the Molecular Spray System, each dose is precise, giving you the same amount of active ingredient in every single spray. Unlike some liquid spray vitamins, which may spray more or less liquid, depending on how hard you press the nozzle, the patented microliter spray pump provides consistent, accurate dosing. 

Although the recommended amount per serving is 8 sprays, you can easily adjust your dose, by simply spraying fewer or more times. For example, if you wake up at 4 am, the last thing you want to do is take a sleeping pill that will put you to sleep for 8 hours. Rather than fumbling around in the middle of the night trying to cut a pill or capsule in half and waiting hours for it to kick in, you can take a spray or two of Can-i Sleep oral spray, which will take effect in minutes and put you to sleep for a few hours. You can then wake up at 7:00 am feeling refreshed rather than groggy.  

More Advantages of Oral Absorption

Healthy – With dozens of all-natural ingredients, including vitamins, whole food extracts, and nutraceuticals, Can-i Wellness oral sprays are guaranteed to work. For instance, Can-i Sleep spray contains melatonin, 5-HTP, valerian root, and GABA. It is ideal for getting a better night’s sleep and maintaining overall wellness. 

Pure – The purity of the Can-i Wellness oral spray formulations means they do not contain allergens. And because the spray does not travel through the gastrointestinal tract, it does not cause indigestion that typically occurs when taking pills. Lastly, there is no degradation of the active ingredients due to air or light because the sprays are held in a closed, oxygen-free environment. 

Sugar free and dental friendly Unlike gummies that are often sugary and stick to your teeth, oral sprays are a great alternative to pill fatigue. They’re sugarless, zero calorie and can safely be used right before bed without affecting your teeth. 

Convenient – Every four hours, the body automatically flushes, which means that the vitamin pill you took in the morning may be out of your system by lunchtime. Because oral sprays are compact and can fit in your pocket, don’t require water and don’t need special storage or refrigeration, they can be transported anywhere and taken multiple times during the day while on-the-go or traveling. This means that rather than taking one heavy dose of vitamins once a day that will exit out of your system in a matter of hours, you can sustain an ongoing stream of wellness in your body. 

Cost-effective – Another factor to consider is the price point. Can-i Wellness oral sprays provide great value at $1 per serving (30 servings in each canister). For instance, each sleep spray has 240 sprays (8 sprays is considered a full serving) and you have the flexibility to microdose your intake. The price is significantly less than capsules, pills, beverages, or gummies when you consider absorption, bioavailability, and purity. 

Environmentally-friendly – A single spray canister is recyclable and provides a full 30 servings. The amount of waste produced is only a fraction when compared to single-dose plastic beverage containers.  

Used by ProsUnlike competitors, Can-i Wellness oral sprays are used by the pros. Whether it is a sleep spray or energy boost spray, our products are trusted by professional athletes, trainers, and television personalities. That includes Olympian swimmer Dara Torres and emergency backup NHL goalie David Ayres. You can rest assured that our products are high quality and extremely effective. 

Dara Torres using Can-i Boost
Gold Medalist and 5-Time Olympian Dara Torres
David Ayres Can-i Fresh
Game-Winning NHL Emergency Backup Goalie, David Ayers

Based on these benefits, oral absorption is unquestionably the faster, better way to supplement in delivering vitamins and nutrients. Nutritional sprays offer cutting-edge supplementation, creating a plethora of advantages for consumers.

Can-i Wellness Oral Spray Supplements

Can-i Wellness is the trusted brand for sports, fitness, and wellness enthusiasts with a goal of helping consumers worldwide #feelamazing. Can-i Wellness offers four distinct experiences for the different challenges you may face throughout the day: Can-i Boost, Can-i Mend, Can-i Fresh and Can-i Sleep. Our oral sprays contain a powerful combination of dozens of vitamins, nutrients, and herbal extracts that work better together. Olympians and NHL players actively use Can-i Wellness products to support high performance and wellness. Try them today.

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