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Can-i Sleep helps to reduce the time it takes to get to sleep, improves total sleep quality and increases time asleep. All for less that $1 per serving!

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3-6x faster than a pill or a gummy

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Up to 9x better absorption than a pill or a gummy

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Perfect for your tote bag, pocket, or a bedside table

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Personalize your dose with ease and no waste

How Kaylyn Kyle Found The Faster, Better Way to Sleep

Kaylyn Kyle is an Olympic Medalist, World Cup Soccer Player, and TV Broadcaster

Can-i Sleep


Restore your natural sleep cycle and wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

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Melatonin Gummies Take Too Long!

Our Innovative Oral Sprays Surpass Melatonin Gummies & Pills.

Can-i Sleep Is The Faster, Better Way

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An estimated 33% of adults don’t get enough sleep. And 50% have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Can-i find a faster, better way to sleep? Yes I can!

Ingredients to Make You Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Refreshed

The natural combination of blended nutraceuticals, herbal extracts and vitamins in Can-i Sleep works better together to help you fall asleep and stay asleep!

Melatonin Sleep Aid


Herbal Extracts

Passion Flower

Passion flower is known for its ability to promote relaxation. Its calming properties can help ease restlessness, reduce racing thoughts, and improve sleep quality by promoting a more peaceful state of mind.


Hops are known for their natural sedative properties, which can help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. The calming effect of hops can help ease restlessness and anxiety, making it easier to fall asleep.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is a popular herbal remedy for insomnia and sleep disorders. It has been shown to help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and improve overall sleep quality by acting as a mild sedative and reducing nervous


Skullcap is a traditional herbal remedy used to support relaxation and alleviate anxiety. Its calming effects can help reduce restlessness and promote a more restful night’s sleep.

How to Use Can-i Sleep

Mouth Spray


Shake the spray to activate the ingredients.

Mouth Spray


Spray 8 times inside your cheek or under your tongue.

Mouth spray


Hold for 15 seconds, then swallow. Feel the effects in 15 minutes.

All Can-i Wellness products are firmly grounded in the principles of nutritional science. Only the highest quality ingredients are used with no binders or fillers that make the ingredients difficult to absorb. Oral sprays are more effective because they bypass the long journey through the GI tract. Traditional sleep supplements in pill or gummy form travel through the digestive system, where stomach acids destroy part, or even all of the active ingredients before they can be absorbed. Then there is the reverse issue: some pills aren’t fully broken down by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and are expelled as waste without fully absorbing into the bloodstream. With the Molecular Spray System®, the active ingredients are ready for absorption so your body receives the full benefit.

Can-i Wellness oral sprays are manufactured in the USA and are third-party lab tested, cGMP compliant, produced in an FDA- registered facility, PETA partner compliant, and ethically produced.

See our third-party lab results HERE

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$1 per serving for Oral Spray Supplements
Sleep Night Spray
Best Sleep Spray -- 30 servings equals one month of sleep
240 sprays per bottle

Can-i Sleep Guaranteed

Money-back Guaranteed if You're not Satisfied with Can-i Sleep after 30 days.


Can-i Sleep is the best natural sleep aid, containing a powerful combination of melatonin, GABA, 5-HTP and nutraceuticals such as valerian root. Can-i Sleep is like getting multiple sleep solutions in one to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Can-i Sleep oral spray supplements are much more fast-acting, convenient and effective than gummies. Can-i Sleep is absorbed through the body 3-6 times faster than pills or gummies. More importantly, it’s 9x better absorbed than pills or gummies because it does not need to travel through the digestive system.

Perfect for on-the-go, this oral spray is fast-acting, effective, and works almost instantly when you feel less than your best. We recommend 8 sprays about 30 minutes prior to going to sleep.

Can-i Sleep products are natural and highly effective. Unlike some over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals, Can-i Sleep is very safe and non-habit forming with no known side effects. If you plan to transition to Can-i Sleep from another sleep solution, we recommend you consult your doctor before stopping any prescription medication.

Just uncap, shake and spray inside your cheek or under your tongue. A full dose is 8 sprays, however, you can use more or less depending on your needs. Hold for 15 seconds and then swallow.

Yes! Can-i Sleep products target all three key sleep phases: relaxation before sleep, falling asleep, and staying asleep.

Can-i Wellness was created to help promote rest and relaxation. So whether you sleep for 4 hours or 8 hours, most people report waking up feeling refreshed without grogginess.

Can-i Sleep offers an alternative to help get a restful night’s sleep without many of the negative side effects associated with over-the-counter or prescription sleep solutions on the market. It is important to note that Can-i Sleep can be used to help you resume a regular sleep pattern. In contrast, it cannot treat long-term sleep issues for those experiencing medical conditions. Please consult your doctor or health professional about taking Can-i Sleep should you have any questions or concerns.

GABA helps the body and mind relax, fall asleep more quickly, and sleep more soundly. Low levels of GABA are found in people who regularly experience disrupted sleep and in those who have difficulty falling asleep. Can-i Sleep contains GABA.

5-HTP helps raise serotonin levels in the brain. Because serotonin regulates mood and behavior, 5-HTP has a positive effect on sleep and general mood. Can-i Sleep contains 5-HTP.

5-HTP is known to help raise serotonin levels in the brain, regulating your mood and has been shown to have a positive effect on sleep. 5-HTP has been found to help with falling asleep quicker and staying asleep longer.

Formulated with ingredients such as melatonin, GABA, 5-HTP, passion flower, hops, valerian root, skullcap and peppermint, Can-i Sleep has shown amazing results in helping customers fall asleep at night and get back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night.

According to studies, melatonin supplements will typically last in your body for about 5 hours.

Melatonin is a safe natural sleep aid, but taking too much can potentially lead to confusion, nausea and drowsiness.

The safe and recommended dosage of melatonin is between 1 and 5 milligrams. Our Can-i Sleep oral spray contains 1 milligram but is absorbed through the body 3-6 times faster than pills or gummies and up to 9x more effectively.

Although taking too much melatonin can potentially lead to unwanted side effects, it is extremely rare to overdose on a melatonin supplement.

Valerian root is often used for sleep disorders such as insomnia and it acts as a sedative on the brain and nervous system.

Valerian root is a safe natural sleep aid. However, if you have concerns, please speak to a nutritionist or a healthcare professional for more information.

Although everyone’s body metabolizes at different rates, studies show that valerian root stays in your system for about 4-6 hours.

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