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Sleep Guarantee
30 Nights of Sleep
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Dara Torres, 5x Olympic
Swimmer and Gold Medalist
Fast Acting
Amazing Taste
Non-Habit Forming
Microdose Friendly
No Water Required
Sleep Better
Are you a restless sleeper or overthinker? Cani-Sleep™ is your natural solution to enjoying a restful sleep that is safe and effective.

Tire of sleep aid options that don’t work and make you feel groggy? Cani-Sleep allows you to wake up refreshed!

Cani-Sleep™ is a non-addictive oral spray that activates by being sprayed under the tongue or inside your cheek. It delivers efficient sleep agents like melatonin, GABA and 5-HTP along with a host of herbal extracts directly to the body’s system.

Results? Cani-Sleep may help to improve sleep, provide a calmer mind and relax the body with no known side effects.
Revolutionize the way you sleep with a few sprays!
Uncap, shake and spray 8 times under the tongue or inside your cheek. Hold for a few seconds, then swallow.
Allow 15 minutes for our natural ingredients to take effect.
Enjoy the best sleep of your life.
…perfect sleep and wake up feeling ready for the day.
Verified Purchaser
Been trying a lot of sleep aids… this is by far my favorite.
Verified Purchaser
Perfect for anyone that struggles with any sort of sleep problem.
Verified Purchaser
A Powerful Blend of Ingredients
Cani-Sleep Melatonin
Melatonin – Adjusts the body’s internal clock to treat insomnia and improve mental health.
Cani-sleep GABA
GABA – Helps reduce mental and physical stress, promote calm and induce sleep.
Cani-sleep 5-HTP
5-HTP – Raises serotonin in the brain, which affects sleep, mood and anxiety.
Cani-sleep valerian root
Valerian Root – Acts as a sedative on the brain and nervous system.
Features Cani-sleep Tablets Capsules Softgels Gummies Tinctures
Rapid Activation Delivery
Extended Release
Targeted Dosing
No Water Required
Grab-and-go Convenience
Zero Calories
Zero Sugar
No Chewing
How It Works
Oral sprays are sprayed in your mouth.
They have higher absorption than traditional supplements because the nutrients are already “broken down” or emulsified, making them ready for the body to absorb, without depending on digestive juices to “break down” binders, fillers and hard to absorb inactive ingredients.
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