Why Cani-Wellness?

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Ideal for Retail Sales

With attractive, descriptive and shelf-ready packaging, Cani-Wellness products drive consumer attention and create impulse purchases. Our unique oral spray provides the fastest acting results on the market, while our 4 different solutions and dollar per serving pricing makes our solutions accessible to a broader audience.

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Distributors & Wholesalers

Our small retail footprint makes it incredibly easy to ship, store, and display our products in any retail environment. With quick shipping and lead times, along with competitive pricing and a low MOQ, we’re positioned as a very lucrative opportunity for distributors and wholesalers.

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International Ready

Cani-Wellness is expanding into the international market with partners, distributors and wholesalers. We have the ability to ship our products all around the world in a timely and cost effective manner, helping consumers everywhere solve global problems such as sleep, energy, stress and overall wellness.

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Scientifically Formulated

Our products are made to support a healthy active lifestyle. Formulated and developed by sports scientists across America, our supplements have been enhanced and tested by some of the most trusted names in professional sports. A powerful blend of vitamins, nutraceuticals, and herbal extracts.

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Yes, we’re happy to offer you and your staff some of our products to try out. Please fill out the form above and we will be in contact to coordinate.
Yes, in most cases we offer 50% off of our MSRP, and we are always willing to be flexible in order to get your customers experiencing the benefits of Cani-Wellness.
When it comes to marketing collaterals, we have countless different options for your locations. Whether you’re looking for digital assets for social media or your website, physical posters or signage, or front desk displays – our vibrant branding and extensive ambassadors allow us to offer you eye-catching marketing collaterals.

Absolutely. There are several benefits to both of our retail models, and combining the two has proven very successful in a number of chains and locations. Retail stores, gyms, and medical clinics are finding it useful to offer some of our best-selling products on-site, and then providing customers with a discount code to purchase the other sku’s online.

We are able to track referral sales through our analytics platform. We will provide your location insights on each purchase made, so that you can see what SKU’s people are interested in online, as well as who has bought.
When it comes to paying out your referral commission, we are flexible to any payment method that suits you best. We typically offer monthly commission payout, so long as it meets the minimum of $100.
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