70+ NCAA Athletes Across 50+ Schools and 20+ Sports Use the Faster, Better Way to Supplement

[Livermore, CA, April 2, 2024] – In the competitive world of collegiate sports, NCAA athletes are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their performance and overall wellness. A significant breakthrough has now been made with NCAA athletes across the country discovering a Faster, Better Way to enhance their wellness and athletic performance. They’ve turned to Can-i Wellness for its innovative, fast-acting oral spray supplements, marking a new era in sports nutrition and wellness support.

Can-i Wellness, at the forefront of natural wellness solutions, has transformed the supplementation landscape with its all-natural oral spray supplements. Tailored for swift absorption and optimal effectiveness, these oral sprays provide NCAA athletes with an efficient and accessible means to bolster their athletic performance. From enhancing sleep quality and duration to promoting relaxation, boosting focus and energy, and facilitating recovery, Can-i Wellness oral sprays empower athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

“I use Can-i Boost energy spray throughout my whole day, every day and it gives me the energy I need to keep me going,” said Luke Haupert, a defensive back football player at Indiana University.

“[Can-I Sleep], is by far one of my favorites. It helps me stay asleep longer and fall asleep a lot faster, which definitely comes in handy when we have our early morning practices,” said Mara Jaracz, a Division 1 women’s soccer player at Youngstown State University.

“Can-i Boost is a source if you’re ever low on energy. It’s easy to use, it’s fast acting and provides you with powerful antioxidants and has a refreshing taste,” said Quinton Mincey, basketball guard at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Unlike traditional supplements that require digestion and absorption through the gastrointestinal tract, Can-i Wellness oral sprays deliver key nutrients and compounds directly into the bloodstream upon contact with the mucous membranes in the mouth. This innovative delivery method ensures a rapid onset of action, allowing athletes to experience the benefits of supplementation almost instantly.

Can-i Wellness innovative oral spray supplements are the Faster, Better Way compared to traditional supplements in pill, capsule, powder, gummy and beverage form.

  • Fast acting: 3-6 times faster than a gummy, pill or beverage, which often takes 45-90 minutes
  • Effective: 8-9 times higher absorption rates than a gummy or pill
  • Easy-to-Use and Convenient: Small, ready to use when you need it; easy to keep in a pocket, gym/travel bag or bedside table
  • Flexible Dosing: 30 servings, with 240 sprays, packed in a tiny format, easily allowing personalized dosing with a few more or fewer sprays; unlike gummies or single-serve beverages

“Seeing NCAA athletes adopt Can-i Wellness oral sprays as a pivotal component of their training and peak performance routines is an exciting advancement,” said Chris Lord, CEO of Can-i Wellness. “Our goal is to enable athletes to reach their highest potential and feel extraordinary. We’re delighted by their feedback, echoing ‘Yes-i-Can’ as they excel in and out of their competitive and academic arenas.”

Can-i Wellness offers a range of oral spray formulations tailored to address various wellness needs that athletes and everyday consumers are seeking including getting to sleep faster and sleeping longer, enabling relaxation and calmness, increasing focus and energy, and recovering from a late night. Each product is crafted with a blend of 10-15 all-natural non-GMO vegan ingredients and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness.

As NCAA athletes continue to seek innovative ways to optimize their performance and well-being, Can-i Wellness oral spray supplements have emerged as a trusted ally, offering a Faster, Better Way to supplement for athletes at all levels.

Can-i Wellness products are now used by a rapidly growing diverse group of 70+ athletes at over 50+ US schools across over 20 sports including basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and track and field. A sampling of NCAA student-athletes using Can-i Wellness include:

Charlie Carpenter Wright State University Soccer
Mara Jaracz Youngstown State University Soccer
Keshawn Pegues Morehouse College Basketball
Kobe Head Delaware State University Baseball
Jakai Coker Northwestern Oklahoma State University Football
Jamare Glasker Wake Forest University Football
Joshua Seudass Hutchinson Community College Football
Maximus Lockett Youngstown State University Football
Jovan Marsh University of Nebraska Kearney Football
Kelze Howard Oregon State University Football
Cade Stingle Minnesota State University Football
Mateo Fernandez Solari Rockford University Basketball
Luke Lindenmeyer Nebraska University Football
Catarina Guimaraes High Point University + USA National Team Track and Field & Soccer
Toby Ojukwu Norcross High School (Nike Elite High School) Basketball
Jacquel Williams Jackson State University Track and Field
Channing Chasten Ohio State University Soccer
Luke Haupert Indiana University Football
Gedeon Shango William Woods University Basketball
Joe Suárez Youngstown State Baseball
Guinove Joanus Flordia State University Track and Field
Seun Adeola Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Basketball
Diamante Howard FAU Football
Harry Wilson Jr. Carthage College Football
Quinton Mincey UMASS Lowell Basketball 
Lily Grace Creighton University Softball
Isaac Joseph St Thomas University + Haiti National Team Track and Field

For more information about Can-i Wellness and its range of oral sprays, visit cani-wellness.com or shop on Amazon.

Click here to apply to join the Can-i Wellness student athlete program.

About Can-i Wellness:

Can-i Wellness’ mission is to provide the faster, better way to energize, recover, relax and sleep, helping people FEEL AMAZING and live their best lives. The company’s family of fast-acting wellness oral spray supplements with advanced formulations contain dozens of all-natural vegan ingredients to help with common issues people face throughout the day. Can-i Boost® helps with focus, energy, alertness, and clarity.  Can-i Mend® supports the liver and helps people bounce back fast from a late night. Can-i Fresh® helps reduce the impact of everyday mental health stressors to improve relaxation. Can-i Sleep® reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and improves sleep quality.

Media Contact:

Joanne Morrison
VP of Marketing
Can-i Wellness


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