Optimizing Sleep to Maximize Performance

Sleep is an essential part of our existence, integral to maximize performance in work, school, and athletic competition. While the emphasis is typically focused on the quantity of sleep we get, it’s actually the quality of sleep we receive that is most crucial in regulating daily bodily functions. Sleep deprivation is harmful to the body and mental state of mind. Consistent lack of sleep can cause issues with memory, mood, and judgment. The amount of sleep we achieve each night directly correlates to the rest and recovery cycle that the human body requires.  

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) offers a recommended sleep guideline by age. It suggests that adults between the ages of 18-60 years of age should sleep a minimum of 7 hours per night. Adults over 60 require 8-9 hours each night, and children under the age of 18 require 8-10 hours per night. The AASM also explains that when sleep is missed, you need to catch up, and a consistent lack of sleep can lead to more severe side effects.

Athletes are often at a higher risk for poor sleep. Between athletic training schedules and competitions, the early morning and late afternoon training, games, travel, etc., this strenuous schedule puts an athlete in a position to lack proper sleep. Sleep is a top priority for athletes, as the quantity and quality of sleep that they receive directly correlates to speed, accuracy, and reaction time. Lack of sleep causes brain fog, poor coordination, lowered immune function, and may also lead to other mental side-effects like depression.

Signs of Sleep Deprivation and Steps to Improve Sleep

The American Thoracic Society lists six warning signs that may indicate sleep deprivation:

  1. Falling asleep within 5 minutes of laying down or inactivity
  2. Finding yourself in need of brief periods of sleep during waking hours
  3. Difficulty paying attention or trouble maintaining concentration
  4. Difficulty learning new information, or taking longer than usual to do so
  5. Getting sick more frequently
  6. Irritability or other noticeable mood changes

6 Steps You Can Incorporate to Increase Sleep

  1. Try to go to sleep in a cool, dark, and quiet room.
  2. Limit caffeine to the early morning hours.
  3. Create a consistent bedtime and wake time.
  4. Avoid taking naps in the daytime that exceed 20 minutes.
  5. Try to avoid late-night workout sessions.
  6. Allow 24 hours before competition per time zone to help the body adjust when traveling.

Using Can-i Wellness Oral Sprays to Optimize Sleep and Maximize Performance

Can-i Wellness has 4 different oral sprays that target different areas of your day to maximize your performance. Can-i Boost Oral Spray contains ingredients that help the body regulate mood, increase energy, and support the body’s healing processes. This supplement spray is perfect for pre-game performance boost or when you need a little extra something to help you get through your day without drinking another cup of coffee. The Can-i Mend Oral Spray contains ingredients to help recover from a late night out with friends, while repairing and boosting the body’s immune system. Hangovers can really take a toll on productivity goals the next day, our hangover remedy oral spray is perfect in helping you achieve your goals and daily tasks. Can-i Fresh Oral Spray aims at regulating mood to help conquer stressful situations and anxiety. Calm down with this spray so that you can spend less time worrying, and more time performing your best. Lastly, Can-i Sleep Oral Spray improves sleep and helps regulate the body’s internal clock ensuring you get a good night’s rest and feel recharged the next day.

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