How to Fix a Hangover Quickly At Home

There are many side effects of drinking too much alcohol, and one of the most common ones is a hangover. After a night of drinking, you may be in search of a hangover cureThis article will cover what a hangover is, its causes and symptoms, and how to cure a hangover. We will also explore natural replenishments you can consider trying.

What Is a Hangover?

A hangover is a collection of symptoms that arise from consuming excessive alcohol like beer, wine, and distilled spirits. The intensity of a hangover is determined by various factors, including the amount and kind of alcohol consumed, the amount of sleep received, and whether or not the individual had food or water.

Alcohol enters your bloodstream when you drink, and the amount of alcohol in your blood is measured by your blood-alcohol concentration (BAC). The greater your BAC, the more intoxicated you will feel. When your BAC level returns to zero, hangover effects are at their worst, and they typically last around 24 hours. 

Hangovers may be unpleasant as well as harmful. A person’s attentiveness, decision-making, and motor coordination can all be affected by a hangover. Additionally, it impairs their ability to do critical activities such as driving, managing machinery, or caring for others.

Causes and Symptoms

Before we understand how to cure a hangover, it is essential to consider various factors that may cause a hangover and the symptoms present. Although they may range in intensity, below are some common signs to look out for. 

Dehydration: Alcohol inhibits the production of vasopressin, a brain hormone that causes the kidneys to retain fluid by sending signals to them. Consequently, alcohol causes increased urination and excess fluid loss. The resulting moderate dehydration is likely to contribute to hangover symptoms, including thirst, lethargy, and headaches.

Inflammation: Alcohol causes the body to become more irritated. Inflammation has a part in the malaise that individuals experience when they are unwell, so it may also be a factor in hangover symptoms. 

Withdrawal: While drinking, people may feel relaxed and even euphoric, but as the brain seeks to maintain equilibrium, it soon adjusts to those effects. As the rush wears off, individuals may feel more anxious and restless than they did before drinking.

Fragmented sleep: People who consume alcohol may fall asleep sooner, but their sleep is disrupted, and they have a tendency to wake up earlier. This leads to exhaustion and decreased productivity. 

If a person’s hangover symptoms are severe, they may develop alcohol poisoning either during or after drinking. This is a medical problem that should be addressed right away. Seek medical help if you have any of the following symptoms of alcohol poisoning: inconsistent breathing patterns, low body temperature, seizures, or unconsciousness.

How to Cure a Hangover

It is important to note that some hangover cures are ineffective. One example is the “hair of the dog” method, which entails drinking more alcohol the morning after to get rid of a hangover. Health specialists do not recommend this approach because it may prolong the symptoms and lead to developing unhealthy habits.

Instead, here are helpful considerations that can guide you on how to cure a hangover.

Stay hydrated: Alcohol suppresses the release of vasopressin, a hormone that reduces the volume of urine produced by the kidneys, so it encourages urination. If your hangover involves diarrhea, sweating, or vomiting, you may be more dehydrated. Thus, it is vital to drink water before you sleep and the morning after to assist with a hangover. A good rule of thumb while drinking alcohol is to alternate between a cup of water and a drink. Doing so may not necessarily prevent dehydration, but it will assist you in limiting your alcohol consumption. 

Eat nutritious and carbohydrate-rich foods: This is an effective hangover cure since it provides the body with fuel, nutrients, and antioxidants. If you have a stomach ache from a hangover, have bland meals that boost blood sugar levels. Since drinking reduces these levels, part of the exhaustion and headaches associated with a hangover may result from the brain operating without enough of its primary fuel. Furthermore, many people avoid eating while they drink, causing their blood sugar to drop even more. To gradually bring it back to normal, toast and juice are good options. Fructose in fruit, such as bananas and oranges, can also aid in the breakdown of alcohol. 

Get quality sleep: Drinking too much alcohol can make it difficult to sleep, lowering the duration and quality of sleep for some people. A lack of sleep may exacerbate hangover symptoms such as weariness, irritability, and headaches. While low to moderate alcohol levels may enhance sleep at first, studies find that greater doses and long-term consumption can impair sleep patterns. Getting a good night’s sleep can help you recover faster and alleviate some of the symptoms you experience. For those who struggle with sleep, having chamomile tea before bed can be beneficial to get into a more calm state and ease stomach pain.

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