How Important Is Sleep for Muscle Growth?

As we all know, muscle is a soft tissue found in the human body. Muscle cells have both actin and myosin that travel past each other, causing the muscle to contract to change the shape and length of the cell. The function of a muscle is to make a force of motion. Muscles also help with posture, motion, and internal organ movement.

There are several types of muscle, known as skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles. We are familiar with muscle movements, such as the skeletal muscles that contract on command. However, other muscle movements are performed subconsciously, like the cardiac muscles that contract the heart or move the food we consume through the digestive system.

The oxidation of fats and carbohydrates drives power to the muscle cells as well as anaerobic chemical reactions. Adenosine Triphosphates (ATP) molecules result from the anaerobic chemical reactions helping to power movement in the cells.

Muscle growth is largely tied to our genetics, fitness level, and nutritional habits. But many people overlook the importance of sleep on muscle recovery. So just how important is sleep for muscle growth?

What Happens to Muscle During Sleep?

According to The National Sleep Foundation, during the N3Stage of NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep, the body produces human growth hormone (HGH) while also sending increased blood flow to the muscles, resulting in tissue growth and repair. When the body cycles through REM (rapid-eye movement) sleep, the muscles are able to fully relax, which reduces inflammation, relieves stress, and reduces pain. Consistent sleep of 7-9 hours per night helps to maintain our essential internal tissue repair, which stimulates muscle growth and healing.

Sleep research has shown that individuals who get less than 6 hours of sleep per night consistently showed up to 60% less muscle mass than individuals who slept for an average of 8.5 hours per night. Individuals who slept 8.5 hours had 40% more muscle mass than those who slept less. Lack of sleep lowers energy levels, which can cause mood swings, lethargy, and hindered muscle recovery and repair.

If you’re wondering how to get better sleep, regular exercise routines, including running, weightlifting, swimming, or yoga can help provide a higher quality of sleep. Individuals who exercise more consistently are often able to fall asleep faster and wake less frequently throughout the night, allowing for maximum muscle recovery. It is optimal to conclude physical activity a full two hours before bedtime to allow the body to more easily adjust to sleeping.

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