Hockey Goaltender David Ayres As Brand Ambassador

The athlete at the center of 2020’s sports story of the year endorses wellness products to support high performance at any age.

Can-i Wellness, the trusted supplement company for the sports, fitness, and wellness households announces a partnership with Carolina Hurricanes goalie David Ayres. Can-i Wellness’ newest brand ambassador made headlines around the world in 2020 when he stepped up as an emergency backup goaltender and became the oldest hockey player to win in his debut at 42 years old. 

Years of hard work paid off in this pivotal moment. Ayres suited up and was ready to help the team enjoy victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs, signing an amateur one-time game contract with the NHL for $500 to mask up and relieve the injured goaltender.

Health challenges have been a part of Ayres’ long career. Undergoing a kidney transplant in 2004, he successfully recovered and for years was a fill-in goaltender during practices for the Toronto Maples Leafs.

“I personally watched Dave’s, ‘against-all-odds,’ game-winning performance against the Maple Leafs and I knew then that he’d be the perfect ambassador,” said Chris Lord, CEO of Can-i Wellness. “From day one, [our] mission has been about enabling consumers to feel their best any time, anywhere, when they need it most. We all have those moments in life when we’re called to do something exceptional and our products are all about helping people to be prepared to perform at the highest level. We’re thrilled to have Dave join us in spreading the word about our healthy wellness oral spray supplements.”

Today, David Ayres is a Can-i Wellness Ambassador and a huge advocate of the Oral Spray Supplement products. “These products have been a lifesaver for me. They are very effective and so easy to use while on the go. We are all getting older and I am always looking for ways to stay active and ready for the call to perform when the opportunity arises.”

“I was thrilled to learn that the new Can-i Wellness Oral Spray Supplements are now available across North America. I don’t like beverages with ingredients and I try to avoid sugars and artificial sweeteners. Now when I need a boost of energy or a little more focus, I just apply a few sprays throughout the day. After a workout, Can-i Fresh spray helps me calm down while the Can-i Sleep spray is perfect to help me dream about my next NHL win.”

More and more athletes like Ayres are discovering the benefits of oral spray supplements. Can-i Wellness’ Chief Wellness Officer and five-time Olympian, Dara Torres, is an advocate for healthy living, high performance and aging well and has enjoyed the benefits from the brand herself.

About Can-i Wellness:

As a next-generation wellness products company that specializes in manufacturing innovative formulations for sports recovery and active living, Can-i Wellness is emerging as the trusted supplement brand for the sport, fitness, and wellness household, it helps people feel amazing and keeps bodies in tip-top shape, always! Follow us on Instagram @wellnesssprays.



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