Cani-Wellness is Trusted and Used by Countless Professional Athletes and Customers Across North America!

Sergei Gonchar – Dallas, Texas

20 Year NHL Star, Olympic Athlete and Stanley Cup Champion

Rachel – Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I love using Cani-Boost while studying and working. As someone who used to drink a lot of coffee, it is a great alternative for me! It gives me a lot of extra energy and helps me focus!”

Randy – Boston, Massachusetts

“I always carry Cani-Boost in my bag to keep me physically and mentally sharp through long rounds of golf”

Jesse – San Diego, California

Professional Strength and Conditioning Trainer

Ahmed – Mississauga, Ontario

“When I’m feeling tired or lazy, I just spray some of the Cani-Fresh spray. It always energizes me and makes me feel good right away! It tastes good too!”

Emily – Princeton, New Jersey

“Cani-Wellness products work faster than drinks or supplements and they taste so good + they’re packed with vitamins and nutraceuticals like Vitamins B12 & L-theanine. I just love having an energy boost or anxiety reliever in my pocket at all times, since I usually ping pong between needing the two”

Kalisha – Boulder, Colorado

“I bring the Cani-Boost Oral spray with Vitamin B12, caffeine and other vitamins to boost energy levels and enhance focus for my hikes. I also bring Cani-Fresh Oral Spray for mental clarity and a calming feeling, because if you didn’t know I love the views but I’m also anxious when it comes to heights”

Nancy – Toronto, Ontario

“I love to travel with Cani-Fresh, helps to make a flight less stressful and the day a whole lot better”

Joanne – Vaughan, Ontario

“Cani-Fresh gives me the perfect transition from work to home at the end of the day. I can de-stress from work, while still keeping up my energy and focus to deal with the kids and get dinner on the table. Thank you for leveling up my evening routine to be both relaxed AND productive!”

Jessica – Richmond Hill, Ontario

My family and I rarely use any sleep aids, but we were looking to improve our quality of rest. We turned to CaniWellness’ sleep spray when my sister got her lasik surgery, when I was working through exam season, and my Dad was dealing with sleeplessness – thankfully, this helped us get in the extra Zs we wanted! We liked how it was convenient and effective all in a few doses! We would highly recommend it if you’re looking for better rest.
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