Creating an Emotional Escape Room in Your Home to De-Stress

Life is stressful. People encounter stressors in their lives from work, school, family, and/or friends. Try creating an emotional escape room in your home, to help escape from the stresses brought on by life. 

Emotional escape rooms are rooms where you can feel relaxed or remove any strong feelings you may have. It is a place where you can feel safe to express your emotions and feel validated. It is also a place where you can get some time to yourself, breathe, and reflect on what may be the issue. Things like stress balls, music, and relaxing scents can be added to activate your sensory system to help evoke calm feelings. 

Here are some tips on how to create the perfect emotional escape room: 
  1. Think about what makes you feel better when you are feeling down. This can be reading books, listening to music, boxing, yoga, or even playing music yourself. This will be the main theme of the room. 
  2. Select the right room in your home. Designate a room that is away from any stressors such as electronics or family members you may live with. This room should be somewhere you can have alone time and feel safe and comfortable doing so. Avoid bringing any stressors into the room as you want to avoid any association between the stressors and the emotional escape room. 
  3. Create the ambiance. Noise, lighting, and scents affect 3 of your sensory systems. Have an audio system available to play your favorite music or some white noise to drown out any background noises in your home. Instal lighting in the room that can be dimmed, brighted, or adds a mood that makes you calm and happy. Add a diffuser or room freshener with a scent that makes you feel fresh and calm. A scent that we recommend is lavender.
  4. Make it comfortable. Choose comfortable seating such as a sofa, lounge chair, or simply a carpet you can lay on. Add pillows and blankets too. 
  5. Choose a color palette that is light and airy to make yourself feel more relaxed and at ease. Some colors we recommend include light blue and light green. 
  6. Stock up on essentials. The room should be somewhere you can relax. Make it easier on yourself by having your essentials in the room so that you don’t have to leave it until you are fully relaxed and stress free. Stock up on items such as  snacks, drinks, tissues, notepads, and the Can-i Fresh Oral Spray. 

How to Create an Emotional Escape Room to De-Stress

Need some inspiration? Here are some cool themes you can try out for your emotional escape room. 
  1. Zen Room for meditation and yoga 
  2. Musical Room to listen to or play music 
  3. Rage Room to get all your anger out 
  4. Library Room to distract you by reading other stories or learning new things 
  5. Massage Room to relax your body and get out your stress knots 
  6. Art Room to display your emotions in your art pieces 

Stress has a toll on your body. These tolls can include muscle tension, heart problems, gut health issues, irregular menstruation, and more. Make sure you take a part of your day to de-stress and relax, whether with the emotional escape room or not. Include the all-natural, fast acting Can-i Fresh Oral Spray into your routine to help combat stress and anxiety with ingredients such as Vitamin B-12, Lemon Balm Leaf, and Thiamine. 



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