CaniBrands™ Announces International Partnership

Distribution in Trinidad and Tobago rapidly expanding in over 50 retail locations in just 6 weeks, demonstrating high demand for fast-acting supplements.

TORONTO, ON —April 27, 2022— CaniBrands Inc., the trusted sports, fitness, and wellness company, today announced its revolutionary Cani-Wellness oral spray supplements for energy, recovery, stress and sleep are being broadly distributed in Trinidad and Tobago through a partnership with Cannabeon.

Products available in Trinidad and Tobago include the oral spray supplements Can-i Boost™ (for focus and energy), Can-i Mend™ (for hangover and post-party support), Can-i Fresh™ (for relaxation and stress reduction) and the best-selling Can-i Sleep™ (for rest and sleep).

This product line has numerous advantages over traditional supplements in pill, capsule, powder, gummy and beverage form. The compact and portable oral sprays contain dozens of vitamins, herbal extracts and nutraceuticals. Microliter spray technology represents a breakthrough in supplementation because it delivers nano-emulsified nutrients into the mouth that are directly absorbed by the mucous membranes. Because the sprays bypass the gastrointestinal tract, they are absorbed much better and up to five times faster than pills, beverages, gummies or capsules.

The best-selling Can-i Sleep™ supplement continues to lead sales. The fast-acting spray helps consumers get to sleep and get back to sleep while waking up refreshed, without the negative side effects of many other sleep aids. The 30-serving spray is an inexpensive sleep solution compared to many natural sleep aids and much more compact and convenient. Several ingredients including melatonin, GABA, 5-HTP and other all natural herbal extracts are included in the proprietary formulation to enable a good night’s rest.

“The leadership team at Cannabeon has a 30-year history of importing popular household items for sale in grocery stores, pharmacies, and drug stores. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting products that will address the needs and capture the interest of consumers in the Caribbean market,” said Sachin Sagan Maraj, CEO of Cannabeon. “As soon as we sampled the Can-i Wellness oral spray supplements, we knew we had something special. Within the first six weeks of signing our partnership agreement with CaniBrands, we have already placed the products in over fifty retail stores with the products often selling out within days. Feedback on the products has been overwhelmingly positive with both retailers and consumers loving the compact, convenient and ready-to-use format. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with CaniBrands.”

“We designed our all-day wellness solutions to support common issues such as sleep, energy, anxiety, and recovery and we know that many people face these challenges wherever they happen to be on the globe,” said Chris Lord, CEO of CaniBrands. “Cannabeon has been an incredible partner driving quick results and market success in Trinidad and Tobago. The fast-acting oral spray supplements provide a much-needed all-natural alternative to current pill, beverage, and powder-based supplements. We’re very pleased to see such enthusiasm for these products in this new market and we look forward to further expansion to other markets around the globe.”

Convenient, portable, and ready to use, the oral sprays are made in the USA and are all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, sugarless, zero-calorie and free of allergens, such as gluten, soy and dairy. For more information, visit here.

About CaniBrands
CaniBrands was launched with the goal of helping people live their best lives. The company’s new family of fast-acting wellness oral spray supplements with advanced formulations contain over 50 all-natural vegan ingredients to help with common issues people face throughout the day. Can-i Boost™ helps with alertness, focus, and clarity. Can-i Mend™ helps with bouncing back fast from a hangover while the company’s CBD products help with muscle recovery, soreness and pain. Can-i Fresh™ helps reduce the impact of everyday stressors to improve relaxation. Can-i Sleep™ supports getting to sleep and staying asleep. CaniBrands is the trusted brand for the sports, fitness and wellness household.

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