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On February 6th, 2023, Dara Torres was interviewed on the Brian Kilmeade Show, here is the content from that.



I love can-i wellness.


it’s a supplement company that tries to give us a way to be like faster and energize and recover and relax and sleep and it’s just, it’s an awesome brand and they’re actually sprays, I brought some to show you their sprays, sprays work much better, like than, say, gummies or you know, putting a pill in your mouth, they’re easy to use. they’re fast acting.


They work about 3-9 times, you spray in your mouth under your tongue and you let it sit there for a few seconds and it works.


And it gives you energy?



So, so can I boost is the energy one, which is awesome because sometimes in the morning and sort of like drinking cups of coffee, coffee, you can just have a little boost and you start your day.


I especially love, Can-I sleep because you know, as you get older, you get a little more you’re tired during the day, but then when you want to go to sleep, you can’t fall asleep and so it helps you fall asleep.


And then some people actually, when they get up in the middle of the night and then they can’t fall back asleep, but you take a few sprays and you know exactly how much you’re putting in your mouth and you wake up not tired, which is like huge.


How did you get ahold of, how did you even find out about this?


Well, I had had actually, I have had many knee surgeries and you know, I’ve had lots of surgeries from all my training and stuff, but I had many knee surgeries and I accidentally, after a knee surgery had fallen and tore my quad off my bone and I was having such, I hate taking any kind of you know, narcotics or anything like that.


And they always give you pain pills after a surgery and they just, they just make me feel nauseous and just not myself.


And so I had a friend who was working with CaniBrands and Can-I Wellness and he had mentioned about using Cani-Mend for recovery and I was like, look at this point, I’ll take anything because this pain is so awful.


I’ve never had pain like this after a surgery.


And so I started using Cani-Mend and I was like, wow, this is great.


And so I reached out to the CEO and asked if there’s any way I can like maybe help out or be a part of it.


So they made me Chief Wellness Officer.


How great is that?


That you see a product, this is something I can get behind.




Because you know, a lot of people out there, will get behind it and they never use it or they don’t like it, you know, and this is something I’m really just, I love and it works and why not be a part of something that works.


So when your last olympics was at what age?

I was 41 in 2008, although I tried for 2012 at 45 and missed the team by 9 100 of a second.



So 41.


So when when Brady retires, you’re one of the few people that says I know why he kept playing.


I know the sacrifice you have to make and probably why he ended up quitting.


What do you sacrifice in terms of personal life when you when you are trying to compete at a high level?


Well you know, first of all, I mean kudos to Brady, he’s finally retiring and and I can only imagine how hard that was for him because you think about that, that’s more than half his life is football and that’s what he knows and he had to sacrifice a lot and you know trying not to put football first, especially when you’ve already started a family and you know who knows what happened in and out of his relationship and what’s happened but you know it’s you sacrifice your family.


You sacrifice time.


There’s so many things you sacrifice but you know it’s, it’s who he is, how he identify.


So which is gonna be crazy because now does that change?


Yes it does.


So for me it was about trying to find something to satisfy you after all, you know is like competition and trying to win and stuff.


And so I think for him it’s probably spending more time with his family like for me with with my daughter Tessa I started to do more and become more involved, not that I wasn’t an involved parent, not that he’s not either, but there’s just you have different time now for the family that you and, and look, he, you know, he signed a contract so he’s going to be busy at some point, you know, doing tv work and stuff.


So he’ll still be associated to it in a different capacity.


And I think that will be good for him too.

Right if you identify through your sport.


That’s why I decided to see what boxes to keep going.


Nothing’s ever going to mirror that.


And I know some boxers, I remember talking to Ray Mancini when he retired, he came back and he said he had to go see a therapist and the therapist told him, just get used to the fact that nothing in your life will ever be as good as being lightweight champion of the world and judge everything backwards.


And I thought what negative thing he goes, no, it was freeing because now I don’t go around every day trying to mirror that feeling because so few people end up doing what you did over and over again and what for example, he did and what Brady will do.


You know, it’s it’s funny because you hear a lot of athletes talk about like getting that pinnacle, like going to the olympic games or winning a gold medal or winning a super bowl, you know, national champion or whatever, but you know, you get to that level and you have so much endorphins and so much going on that you actually hit a low and there are a lot of athletes that go through depression.

Especially through the olympics.


Yeah, exactly.


Because it’s like, what’s next now?


You know, like, I mean nothing will ever top this and so you have to try to keep busy and I think the hardest thing probably for Brady was not going out on top, you know, even though we all think he was on top but for him

89 last year, losing last game


Exactly, exactly.


So I think that’s probably pretty tough for him too.


And you saw the emotions when he put that video out about retiring, it was just very raw and you can see how emotional he was and you don’t see him get that emotional on that side with like, tears and stuff.


So do you ever get back in the pool?


Do you ever swim hard?


Like you used to?

You know, I don’t, and people ask me well, what do you do to cope?


Like, you’re so competitive.


I’m like, don’t get near me on the road, but you know, you just channel in different ways.


I mean, it’s never gonna be the same, but you just try to channel in different ways,

But the fitness seems to be your passion now

You’re saying I look good?

I’m saying, yeah, you look unbelievably good.


I mean, check out there there.


Look at those are some guns, huh?


Eric is that it’s bigger than yours or not?


Pretty much.




So Dara Torres, where do we get the Can-i Wellness?


The Can-I Wellness


You can get either on amazon or you can go to their website




And would I get a discount or do I have to pay full freight?


I’m gonna give you some, you can have these that I brought.


I’ll pay for them.


Thanks, Dara, awesome.

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