Astragin Benefits

Astragin is a 100% plant-based ingredient that contains a blend of two plant extracts: panax notoginseng and astragalus membranecous, also known as ginseng and astragalus for short. Both plants are extremely well known and well respected by experts within the herbal medicine community.

Ginseng is very popular, and many scientific studies have shown that it can influence certain biological processes within the human body. These studies have also shown that either isolating ginseng itself or combining it with other plants can result in positive impacts. Blending it with astragalus, helps improve nutrient absorption through the small intestine, thus, creating what is known as astragin.

Supplementing with Astragin

Astragin is an ingredient that is highly recommended for amino acid absorption as well as the absorption of certain vitamins and mineral supplements. Although it can be used as a stand-alone product, including it in your diet along with other vitamins and herbal extracts can improve your overall wellbeing in various ways. Nowadays, many people who are seeking vitamins for energy look for supplements containing astragin. Let’s look at some scientifically proven astragin benefits.

Positive Astragin Benefits
  1.  Improves digestive issues
  2.  Supports the lining of your intestine for better overall absorption
  3.  Increases nitric oxide levels which is regarded as the most significant molecule in the body
  4.  Reduces stress on the heart
  5.  Regulates blood pressure
  6.  Improves blood circulation
  7.  Reduces plaque in blood vessels
Including Astragin in Your Fitness Routine

Over the years, astragin has become increasingly popular among athletes and those interested in taking care of their health, fitness and wellness. It is included in the ingredient list of many energy boosting supplements. This is because studies show that amino acids combined with astragin impact strength and endurance for workouts. Since astragin is proven to significantly improve absorption levels, it makes sense to include it in supplement products. 

Can-i Boost for Energy

If you are looking to add astragin into your diet or as an energy boosting supplement before workouts, we highly recommend Can-i Boost. Can-i Boost is an all-natural oral spray supplement made with vegan and natural vitamins and minerals. It includes astragin, vitamin B12, B6, ubiquinol, green tea leaf extract, beetroot juice and more. Take a look at the ingredient list here

Can-i Boost is an incredible brain and body booster with 1/7th the caffeine of a cup of coffee, yet still highly effective. Not only does astragin provide better absorption, the molecular spray system ensures 90% of vitamins in each spray are absorbed by your body in minutes, compared to supplement alternatives such as pills, capsules and gummies that typically take 45-120 minutes. Here at Can-i Wellness, we support your health and wellness journey. 

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