Tommy Powers

Former International Head Performance Coach Owner and Founder of Sports Performance Company Empowers Performance

Tommy worked in the NHL as the Strength and Conditioning coach with the Florida Panthers and Arizona Coyotes, and currently supports dozens of clients across the league.

Tommy had first hand experience with helping top performing athletes reach their highest levels. He also had significant involvement with helping team members recover, maximize sleep and rest while supporting daily stress management initiatives.

Tommy’s goal for every athlete is improving performance through strength and power while identifying and addressing areas of weakness. He believes that the human body is designed to move dynamically, and he works with each athlete to maximize efficiency. Building a better athlete means creating a more efficient, natural dynamic movement for sport and life.

Tommy Powers is committed to Can-i Wellness’ mission, and we are thrilled to have him as part of our team. In his role, Tommy will be using his knowledge, experience, and training to improve athletes’ performance and help them excel in their respective fields.

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