Kaylyn Kyle

World Cup Soccer Player, Olympic Medalist and TV Broadcaster

Kaylyn Kyle, an Olympic Bronze Medalist and a celebrated figure in professional soccer, is a living testament to the synergy between elite athleticism and holistic wellness. Her illustrious career, marked by over 100 international appearances for Canada, showcases not only her skill on the field but also her dedication to maintaining peak physical and mental health.

As a Can-i Wellness ambassador, Kaylyn embodies the spirit of resilience, balance, and vitality. Her personal journey from the heights of Olympic competition to everyday wellness advocacy resonates with everyone striving for a healthier, more balanced life.

Kaylyn’s choice of Can-i Wellness products is a reflection of her commitment to natural, effective health solutions. Whether it’s maintaining energy levels with Can-i Boost, recovering with Can-i Mend, finding calm with Can-i Fresh, or embracing restful sleep with Can-i Sleep, she incorporates these sprays into her daily routine to stay at the top of her game.

Join Kaylyn in discovering the transformative power of Can-i Wellness – because feeling amazing is not just for professional athletes, it’s for everyone.

“Over the years, I’ve tried many different types of products to help with energy, sleep, calmness and just to help me through the entire day. These fast-acting oral sprays are moving my wellness journey.”

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