Our mission is to provide the faster, better
way to energize, recover, relax, and sleep.

Wellness Is the Top Priority for Most People

In fact, the wellness market is over $1.5 trillion with annual growth of 5 to 10%.(1)


Wellness Priorities Vary, but the Focus Is Consistent:

  • Can-i live my best life?
  • Can-i sleep at night?
  • Can-i boost my energy level to perform my best?
  • Can-i recover?
  • Can-i just relax and chill out?
We All Want a Fresh Approach to Wellness Challenges

Traditional pills, gummies, powders, and beverage supplements don’t meet key needs.

We need and want a better way to supplement.

Slicing and Dicing Sleep Gummies

This is difficult with gummies, which are especially hard to effectively dose.

Oral sprays are easier to use than pills
Ease of Use
40% of North American adults can’t swallow pills.(1)
Vitamins For Energy Boost

Powders are not ready to use and inconvenient.

I can't swallow pills

Too many supplements are packed with fillers, binders, sugars and non-vegan ingredients.

faster, better way - time
Speed to Impact

Pills, gummies, and beverages take 45-90 minutes for effects to begin.(2) This is a huge problem when you only want to sleep for a couple of hours.

More than 75% of Americans report sleep issues. (3)

  • The global market for sleep aids is expected to reach $101B USD by 2026. (4)
  • The global vitamin gummy market size is $16.3B as of 2020. (5)
  • 31.1% of U.S. adults experience anxiety at some time in their lives. (6)
  • The energy supplement market is expected to reach $25 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 6.7% and 8.9% for energy gels and gummy supplements. 
1 https://jamanetwork.com/, Nov 2005
2 https://www.pharmacytoday.org/, Mar 2021,
3 Persona, Nestle Health Sciences, 2019
4 https://www.grandviewresearch.com/, 2020
6 National Institute for Mental Health, 2023
The focus on wellness is expanding
Our History

Finding the faster, better way to sleep, relax, energize and recover wasn’t easy. But with some innovative ideas and a whole lot of testing, we believed we could create a market maker!

Taking input from our community of leading high-performance coaches and trainers, professional athletes, sports scientists, a nutraceutical and vitamin doctor, and a lab team, we experimented with all-natural, herbal formulations in a variety of forms such as oils, tinctures, topical creams, and an innovative format – fast-acting oral sprays.

We spent years testing and improving. We ran focus groups with customers. We tested the products with NHL and MLB players at off-season training camps, and collaborated with some of the world’s leading high-performance coaches. We listened to our customers and studied the marketplace, competitive landscape, and wellness trends.

After exceptional feedback from hundreds of athletes, Olympians, TV
personalities and consumers, we realized our team had developed something very special. Our proprietary formulations combined with fast, effective oral spray technology were disrupting the market.


Customers trying our products were quickly saying, “Yes-i-Can improve my wellness!”
And Can-i Wellness was born

Advanced proprietary formulations of all-natural, healthy ingredients quickly enable the outcomes we want.

Pro athletes across multiple sports are using Can-i Wellness for high performance.
Trusted by Professional Athletes, Coaches, and Celebrities

Key athletes supporting our innovation include:

Dara Torres, Can-i Wellness Chief Wellness Officer, 12-time Olympic medalist, 5-time Olympic swimmer and the most decorated female athlete of all time.

Dion Phaneuf, Can-i Wellness Strategic Advisor and investor and 3-time NHL All-Star.

Can-i Wellness sprays are now in most NHL dressing rooms, used by Major League Baseball teams, and by NFL players, boxers, runners, and Major League Rugby players.

Best of all, they’re loved by thousands of loyal customers who continue to spread the word about the faster, better way.

Innovation That's Disrupting the Supplement and Wellness Industries

2023 was a strategic year during which we pivoted the business to focus on
developing innovative oral sprays. We launched on Amazon with solid
repeat customers. Subscription sales took off, demonstrating the effectiveness of our products, brands and pricing.

Can-i Wellness is a category maker. We’re innovating and disrupting the supplement market, with significant differentiation for consumers and retailers.

Our products are fast-acting, ready to use, effective, compact, personalized and have a 2-year shelf life.

2024 Has Momentum...

Organic, non-sponsored promotion, has reached millions of households nationally in the USA via Fox News Radio, and on Jason Bateman’s podcast, Smartless, which is the world’s number 1 comedy podcast.

Health Canada, one of the most stringent governmental agencies in the world, recently approved our products after a year-long analysis. 

We remain market connected, nimble and asset light, with an established
ecosystem of operational partners to help us bring our products to market, including partner and online channels.

Can-i Wellness is a true market-maker poised for explosive growth and delighted customers.

mouth sprays
The Future of Can-i Wellness

We have established distribution partners with access to major drug stores, pharmacies, organic markets, supplement stores and fitness clubs.

Our products are about to be found in major retail stores near you!

With dozens of major grocery, pharmacy and natural health retail chains across North America adding Can-i Wellness to their store shelves, we’re excited to share The Faster, Better Way with an even broader consumer market.

The future is bright. And we’re just getting started.

Can you join us as an investor?


About Chris Lord, CEO of Can-i Wellness

Chris Lord has 30 years experience growing companies, teams and brands with a deep passion for customer excellence and value creation. As former Global Head of Growth, Strategy and Marketing and Digital Customer Experience for a publicly traded 45,000-person consumer engagement company, Chris understands the importance of a strategic approach to both stability and disruption. In this role, he and his teams worked with some of the world’s most respected consumer brands to help them service their customers as well as grow, adapt and scale in a rapidly changing digital world.

As a partner at Accenture in the Financial Services and Outsourcing practice, and as the Country Head at Wipro, he gained a solid and clear foundation for high-performance marketing and business solutions, driving exponential year-over-year revenue growth. Chris’ success comes from a deep understanding of the need for strategic thinking, and the ability to pair this with effective execution. These pillars are driving success and innovation at Can-i Wellness.

Chris Lord, Can-i Wellness CEO
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